Training Programme on Ethical Leadership 2014- AfricanBIB in cooperation with CSC in Yaunde

Call for Application

Building Capacities for Transformational Change

Yaoundé, Cameroon
04-06 December 2014

The Ethical Leadership program aims at fostering capacity building and enhancing Ethical leadership qualities at the international system and particularly among the current and future generation of African Leaders. The overall goal is to prepare future leaders and decision makers as well young leaders in Chadian as well as African Diaspora, to acquire ethical tools and concepts to prepare themselves to face current and future challenges. The very importance of a dynamic and modern society requires both present and aspiring Leaders to be equipped with the necessary tools for understanding the complexity and interrelatedness of the different sectors in their society.
AfricanBIB is at the forefront of creating an African Future Leadership fellowship, where emerging Leaders are gradually introduced to the ethics and values of re-sponsibility, good governance, self-determined and entrepreneurial spiritedness in development. This concept does not claim to negate the traditional African institu-tional values and mechanisms, rather it explore the possibility of incorporating essential ideas of tradition into the evolving conditions of modernity for the articulation of the future.

This program is projected to encompass a series of training workshops, young leader seminars and summer schools, conferences, dialogue forums to be jointly organized between the AfricanBIB and its Partners. It will comprise of participants from business; politics; academia; media and civil society. This program is currently being championed by Global Leaders. With our local partners, we focuses on conveying the central concepts of modern ethical thought, responsibilities and fostering entrepreneurial action for self development.

Our main Objective is to train approx. 10,000 current and future African leaders in ethical leadership. It address future world leaders from; politics; Business; academia; median and NGO, trade Union and Religion, who could be in leading position in ap-proximately 10 years. To achieve our mission – a world in peace, justice, prosperity for all without fear, they shall be equip with a modern conception of Global Ethics, which enable them to understand the functional logic and interrelationship between the different sector of their societies as well as be tracked in an international network - African Leaders Fellowship program.

Aims of the Training Programme

The training programme aims at:
• Educating young leaders on the following topics: globalization and global ethics, ethical leadership, good governance, anti-corruption mechanisms, business ethics.
• Encouraging young people to identify existing moral problems in their communities and come up with solutions as to how they could be dealt with.
• Fostering an exchange of ideas between young leaders of Cameroon, Central Africa and the WCGE.
• Creating a regional network of young leaders focusing on ethical leadership in Africa with Cameroon as the point of commencement.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

• Be an African
• Be interested in leadership and transformation in Africa
• Must not be necessarily a university graduate ‘‘open to all’’
• Actual work in organizations in the following fields: government, civil society, business, academia, or religion
• Participants coming out of Yaoundé should be able to get the financial support of the employer / organization for accommodation, transportation and per-diem
• Be willing to replicate training in their organisation or community
• Understand English and French
• Have strong inter-cultural skills

If you satisfy these requirements and would like to participate, please proceed to answering the questionnaire on the next page and return your application to the address or email below by 30th November 2014 at the latest.


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