2018 - Handover of toilets and equipment to Nnemeyong kindergarten in May 2018

Furnishing of the Nnemeyong Kindergarten - Cameroon and construction of toilets May 2018

In 2017, Citizen Service Corps e. V. (CSC e.V) , to build a kindergarten in Nnemeyong in Cameroon and donate it to the community.

The kindergarten, of the poor village, still lacks toilets for boys and girls as well as new equipment for the kindergarten. Children use forests as toilets, which brings diseases and other dangers.

Kindergarten has been furnished, chairs, tables, blackboard and toys.

Toilets for boys and girls have been built and handed over in May 2018.


YouTube video: 

Le développement décentralisé : Citizen Service Corps e.V et le village de Nnemeyong - YouTube