CSC Forum for Migration, Integration, Networking and Development 2018 (CSC-FMIND2018)


CSC Forum for Migration, Integration, Networking and Development 2018 (CSC-FMIND2018)


Program CSC-FMIND2018 – 15.09.2018

15:30 Reception by Cyrille Mvondo M. –CEO and CSC-FMIND2018 Project Manager

16:00 Opening speech by Jean BiangueTinda – Director of Communication CSC


16:10 – 16:30 ICT and formation of trainers as contribution to the development of Africa - case study Tchad

By Dipl.-Inf. Djerambadje Mbainadjiel / Senior Consultant


16:40 – 17:00 Development of Africa by Agribusiness and agro-Industries Development Initiative - case study Cameroon

By Roger Sanda/ Entrepreneur


17:10 – 17:25  Coffee Break  


17:25 – 17:45 ICT and plurilingual formation of trainers as contribution to the development of Africa - case study Cameroon

By Dipl.-Inf. Lydie Seuleu / Consultant and University lecturer


17:55 – 18:15 Empowering youths in Africa Through football - - case study Cameroon

By Dipl.-Ing. Clement Nkamanyi / Freelance IT Consultant (Germany/ Switzerland)

CEO and founder of NFI - Nkamanyi Football Initiative

18:25 – 18:45 Biangue Networks – Digitalisation as contribution to the development of Africa - case study Cameroon

By Dipl.-Ing. jean Biangue Tinda / Senior IT Consultant

CEO Biangue Networks



18:50 – 19:05   Coffee Break

19:10 – 19:30 Assisting kids and the less privileged by promoting education, sports, health etc - case study Cameroon

By Raymond Toh

CEO/ founder of TOH-Nets e.V. Cologne – Germany

Retail Sales Associate in Exquisite men´s fashion and

19:40 -20:10 Cooperation between NGO´s and municipalities / local authority district as motor/ contribution to the decentral/ local development in Africa - case study of CSC in Cameroon

By MBA Dipl.-Ing. Cyrille Mvondo Mvondo / Management & Consulting

Founder/ CEO of Citizen Service Corps e.V.

20:20 – 21:55    DINNER AND NETWORKING

22:00 END



Str. 58, 51103 Köln- Kalk - Germany


The number of participants is limited to 40

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Project Manager:
Mvondo M.

Citizen Service Corps e. V.


Tel: +49 (0) 176 69364190